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August 2011 - photo challenge - Jewellery - Bling or any adornment at all

Hi members,

Hard to believe it's August...geez time flies........................-and i have a suggestion. What about Pets in Jewellery?

Feel free to support that idea or suggest another, no worries.

The suggestion w/the most support in the next 12-24 hours becaomes this month's challenge.

Thx! Marko

I think I actually have one from today with jewelry...of sorts... So jewelry works for me!

Hmmm... the only "jewelry" I have is for Nookie. He has a tag in the shape of a bone that says "STUD"
Only problem is he is not actually neutered, so he can't wear it until he is (if ever)! I'd hate for anyone to actually think we would allow him to breed

Well, we all know he's intact because of health issues. Our Evan was never neutered for the same reason--he just wasn't up to the stresses of surgery.

And it doesn't have to be dog jewelry--any kind of bling will do. Even a fancy-schmancy collar would probably meet the criteria...

Jewellery works for me too! I can drag up a picture or two of Gryphon sportin' his gems but can also doll Mollie up for the occasion.

Jewelry works for me also

Cool then - merging suggestion posts now. Theme will be pets in Jewellery or any other kind of "Bling". Male pets shouldn't feel left out at all, any type of adornment will do, we're easy.
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