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Cute, but bizarre cat behavior - carries stuffed animals everywhere.


Our cat is 2.5 year old male short hair tabby mix. He is a wonderful kitty and does something funny that amuses us, but we can only speculate what it's purpose is.

WE have hand puppets that we use for wrestling him--- maybe 5-7 of them. Often times, he picks htem up and drags them around the house and when he does it, he makes this really weird yowling noise. Sometimes it wakes me up at night and creeps me out a bit lol Why is he making that crazy yowling noise and carrying these stuffed animals everywhere?

Often times he'll drop them off at his food dish. Other times, he will drop them off ont he floor near us or somewhere else. My mother speculates (and swears that the reason is) he is pretending to hunt, and wants to be rewarded with good wet food when he takes it to his food dish so he can pretend he's eating his kill.... sometimes I think he is trying to mount them and it is some weird sexual thing--- the sounds he makes sound similar to cat mating sounds of the male. The other theory is maybe he wants to wrestle the hand puppet, but he's not consistently in the mood to wrestle when he brings it to us.

Let me know your thoughts,

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