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10 year old cocker with ear problems - need solutions!

I have a 10 year old female cocker spaniel that has had ear problems for most of her life. Very bad currently and need to find a solution. She's been on Prednisone (steroid) for 9 years to keep her ear canals opened, mild dosage of 1/2 pill every 2nd day, just upped to 3/4 tab every 2nd day. Realize this effects her liver adversely, but seems least of the evils. She's on an expensive hard kibble dog food (Canadian vet purchase) Hills Prescription Diet (TM), Z/D Canine Ultra Allergen-free. Tried to change this to another brand but ear problems increased, so went back. We're careful about treats, used only Medi-Treats regularly or few grain-free treats rarely, and raw veggies & fruits. I have been cleaning her ears with various solutions, VET brand most recent, and trying to clean ears out using q-tips and cotton swabs after filling canals and massaging the solution in. She cries, especially left ear. I feel like I'm pushing the gunk IN, not OUT. What to do? She's in pain and vet cleaning doesn't help. So expensive, too. A month ago, she went through a series of 'blood tests' and antibiotic she was put on was recalled within the week!!! Why can't dogs get ears syringed out like humans? May try home solution, and found one online, but... HELP!
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