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Originally Posted by Britt.713 View Post
My 3yr old chocolate lab has gotten a big red lumb in his gums/lip. I am very concerned. He was brought to the vet and they put him on some antibiotic and steroids and it basically was gone and then a few days after it started to come back. He was put back on only steroids and this time it just seems to be getting worse...If anyone has any idea what it might be that would be great thanks!!

This link is what it looked like about 1 week ago. after the first round of Meds

These 2 links are of what it looks like today

I would get a second opinion. I don't know what kinda of possible things that could be.

Logically though, if it got better on the antibiotic and steroid, and got worse on the steroid only, then it might just need a longer course of antibiotics. Be sure to give your vet feedback on that.
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