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Thank you, MaxaLisa

Hi. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I just want to say that I did not intend to make my dog's vet sound uncaring or incompetent in anyway because I believe the Atopica caused her current demise. The vet is in fact quite knowledgeable and compassionate and I was just very distraught at the time I posted. Actually the Atopica did exactly what the vet prescribed it for & there was really no way to know that it might lead to this. I believe you are absolutely right on when you say "Just because they've never seen it before doesn't mean that it can't happen". I truly believe it DID happen... My dog is being given prednisone now in the hopes that it will help on some level. Again, I have reservations about the course of treatment but at this point, my dog isn't eating or drinking and continues to lose weight. She can't walk or even hardly stand. She has already lost her quality of life. The prednisone treatment is a last ditch effort. As excruciatingly difficult a choice this is becoming, my family & I have decided to put her to sleep if there is no sign of improvement by next weekend. I am devastated by the thought of it but it is unfair to my "sweet old lady" to let her suffer & go on like this much longer. Please pray for us. This is harder than anything else I've ever had to do... Thanks
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