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I have my Coonies on Nutrition First. Myra needs a lamb and rice formula, as she is sensitive to chicken, Macey is on the chicken Puppy food. Both do very well on it, no problems since switching. for a grocery store brand, it is not too bad, they seemed to put some thought into it. No corn is a bonus, as Myra is also sensitive to corn. I have tried hollistic foods with Myra, and in some cases, she did not do well on them at all, same as my cat Abby, She has an extremely sensitive stomach. So I actually keep away from them.. with the exception on Natures Variety canned dog food.. I get the Rabbit formula and mix a few tablespoons in with the dogs dry food.. because the downside to a lamb and rice formula is it can be kind of bland for them.. they tire of it easily.
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