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They do have the intelligence of a rabbit, Myka, only their size means a lot of costly damage to your car if you hit them. Mind you, some drivers have the intelligence of a rabbit too. I heard of one guy who had one come through the windscreen, and when he bailed out of his vehicle he stupidly shut the door. It did quite a bit of damage to his upholstery apparently.

I have a theory that it's the grass fed animals that are stupid, Hazel, though I hasten to add my sheep and ponies are not. LOL. Maybe it's grass fed animals with small heads and brains? Once on the way to a dog show I spotted a kangaroo coming as fast as it could leap along a road that was on an angle, where it hit the main road was ahead of us. It could have slowed down or stopped and we'd have been gone, but no, it could see the safety of the bush on Mt Arapiles, on our right, and yes, if we hadn't slowed down, we'd have hit the stupid thing. They sell a product here , two little gadgets that you fit on each side, down low on the front of your car. They emit some sort of sound or signal that scares the roos. Well, yes, they do that alright, but when you drive into the forest down near Hamilton and there are upwards of 150 roos out feeding it's just instant pandemonium. It seems to confuse them totally, so they jump in all directions . LOL. We have been lucky, we put a strong bull bar on the wagon. We've hit one roo after we came over a crest and it was standing in front of us, no time to stop, and a wallaby that popped onto the road from scrub that was below road level, an embankment near a bridge. Hate it when it happens.
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