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Poor 'roo

I've had 4 trips to town this week. Delivering Silk to the vet, picking her up again, doing my shopping, and today to get Silk some more antibiotics. Each trip I need to watch for roo's on the road and sure enough, on my second trip there was mum and joey sitting in the middle of the road. No camera unfortunately. Anyway, today I slowed down to move off the road a bit for a truck that was coming towards me, unsure of whether he'd turn left into a paddock. Well, he did, and his slowing down might be the only thing that saves the big roo that came flying out of the paddock, smashed into his truck, fell on the ground, then got up and kept going. Poor thing would be very sore tonight I imagine. Had I not slowed down we both might have collected him. I hope he didn't break anything. Pity they panic like that, it causes so many to be hit by traffic.
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