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I was also amazed that the judge for the last group,the herding,is a vet in Toronto.That was kewl.

Also,just incase no one knew.But the Judge for the best in show doesn't see the dogs that are up for best in show.He does know the breeds that are picked though.

Spoiled,you should have seen Josh.He was perfect.His stride,stand,everything.The crowd went nuts with him.I actually got goosebumps.LOL

I used to go to the dog shows years ago when they had them at the Queen Elizabeth Building at the C.N.E.Then they had them at the SkyDome.

I know I can say this with you guys,that is where I got my first GSD.Who I had for 13 years.I went back to her and got Yukon and Tron.She is amazing.So are her dogs.She has retired not to long ago.She has cancer and is not doing to well.So the family is focusing on her now.She is an amazing lady.And her dogs are amazing.I had/have 3 of them.
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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