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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Might be on the website, as well, but yes, contacting the manufacturer would be good.
It loks as though there were a couple of threads on this very food, and the question of the Vitamin K and also ehtoxyquin came up:

Originally Posted by angeldogs
It's the price and the horizon with grain was about the same price as the acana.the pc is cheaper for me.

I emailed President's Choice twice asking about the form of Vitamin K they use and also whether or not the herring meal was preserved with ethoxyquin by the supplier but never got any replies.

Vitamin K3 (menadione sodium bisulphite complex) and ethoxyquin are two big red flag ingredients imo.

Perhaps you could phone their 1-800 number and see if you can get any answers

So I guess that would definitely be worth looking in to prior to trying the food. For the price, it certainly isn't any worse than most store brands, and not that much more expensive. It's good to have alternantives that give at least a decent amount of nutrition for those who can't afford better food. And please, if anyone is going to say you can make their food cheaper... let me know how and where to buy the ingredients! It costs me more than $125 a week for 2 dogs (home cooked). I don't think I would ever consider this food after reading the other threads just due to the Vitamin K and Ethoxyquin never having been answered by the company (and thank you Hazel! I honestly wasn't aware of the Vitamin K being potentially harmful).
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