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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
The easiest way I've found to pill a cat:
Sit the cat on the floor in the kitchen facing the cupboards, pills at the ready on the counter above, crouch behind him w/your legs on either side to block escape. One hand holding the head still, pill between the thumb & forefinger of the other hand, use your ring or middle finger, of the pill hand, to pry open the mouth. With forefinger on the pill place it on the roof of the mouth & quickly slide it all the way down the back of the throat. This way there is no chance for them to spit it out, and it's over much faster. Treat afterwards.
Thanks so much growler for your expertise. With Sam's Baclofen I usually face him while putting my finger between the right side of his teeth while pressing on the nerve behind his mouth to force his mouth open, then throw the pill into the back of his throat and massage his throat until he swallows. I started using the same procedure for his Fortekor, found he spit it back quite easily and tried again with him facing away from me while he's sitting on the kitchen counter. He was able to spit it farther in this position so I tried wrapping it in cheese that usually gets his interest. He learned within one day that he could get the cheese off the pill and spit out the pill. (lost 2 pills using this method but I know they didn't go down his throat). So I tried embedding it in canned food but that caused him to spit it out again and continue eating, Then I broke down and bought a couple of 'pillers' from my vet but he was able to get the pill out of the piller and spit it out. Next came the towel, wrapped him up and got thoroughly bitten for my efforts. I wrapped him and tried to play with him stroking his head etc, but he would have none of it. Every weekday I've tried one of the above as well as several different methods I found online with instructions on how to pill a cat (except the towel) without success and now think he's waiting for me to try to give it to him just to spit it back. He's turned it into a game I am going to take him at the beginning of August to the vet when I take Smokey for his weigh-in and let her try to get it down him. If she's successful I'll use her method here at home. He's usually very co-operative with her, to the point where he usually starts to purr while she's examining him...go figure.. (I have to wait until August to have the money to take them both).

Thanks again growler for all your suggestions, I really appreciate them
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