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Thanks for that link - I will ask the vet about it.

She is currently not eating again. Yesterday breakfast she ate ok, dinner nothing and bedtime a small amount. Then breakfast this morning she ate a bit of fancy feast salmon (after 3 other food attempts), ate a bit and puked it all up. So no food in her belly again.

I just need to figure out how to make her eat! We have 6 different types of food in our rotation and we try all 6 at each meal just about with no results. i'm goign to look up the values of some other (maybe other wellness?) and see if she just wnats something different again (assuming thats why she ate the salmon as she hadn't had that one before).

she did eat a bit of chicken and chicken broth baby food yesterday, a bit. Then the next meal she wouldn't touch it. So frustrating!!

I think i need some type of appetite stimulant!!
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