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Thank you all for the very nice comments! We really love our "baby" boy. There is no weird perspective--he is just VERY large! At 6 months he already weighs over 60 pounds! At 15 weeks he was about 35 pounds so he pretty much grows daily.
We were told when adopting that he is Bernese/Lab but now that we've gotten to know him and see him grow a bit more I think he definitely has Collie in him and maybe even some Australian Shepherd. So when people ask I always say Bernese and "dog"
I will definitely post more pictures soon--I have one at home that was taken last night when he accidentally got into the living room when we weren't home--5 magazines ripped to shreds and some plant pots tipped over. He's never done anything like that before--and hopefully never again. We often forget he is just a puppy because he is so big. Oh the joys.....
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