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The AAFCO Nutrient Requirements for Iodine are listed on a dry matter basis as a minimum of 1.5mg/kg up to a maximum of 50mg/kg.

The AAFCO also states: "These AAFCO nutrient profiles for dog foods presume an energy density of 3.5 kcal ME/g dry matter. Rations >4.0 kcal/g should be corrected for energy density." ie: 3500kcal ME/kg

For example the Acana Adult Dog food states "ME (metabolizable energy) is 4050 kcal/kg" and Orijen Adult Dog food states Metabolizable energy is 3900 kcal/kg"

The amounts listed on the bags/cans/most manufacture websites are "as fed" not "dry matter" unless stated.

So to accurately compare the foods you would need the nutrient analysis (actual numbers) not the guaranteed (min & max levels), the carb levels and convert all into dry matter and then compare the equalized calorie levels based on 3500kcal MF/kg
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