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ok, got back the results. Her thyriod is actually low (she said typical of a cat not feeling well) so no issue with her being hyperthyriod, which is great.

Her kidney levels have gone up since april of this year.

phos is now 2.15 (1.17 in April)
Urea is 24.7 (was 17.6 in April)
Creatinine is 357 (was 298 in April)

They also circled her Calcium, at 2.51 (range 2.00-2.9) - perhaps because it went up. I dont have her April in front of me (only what I typed out on the forum). Ranges all the same for this testing period as last.

She was most concerned with the phos increase. She is ordering a phos binder for her to take. Hopefully that helps out. She suggested this doesn't really indicate why she is not eating right now, and only that she is progressing through the disease. She didn't mention changing her dosage of calcitrol - I didn't think to ask. Not sure what necessitates a dosage change?

She said she might just nto be eating due to her tummy being upset, perhaps the pepcid ac will help that. she has eaten well the last two meals (half a fancy feast, which are the very small cans). i'd like to get her off hte fancy feast but we'll see if she allows me to. her behavior is still odd, not sleeping where she normally sleeps if at all etc. but perhaps its just that upset tummy again.

So all in all, I have a very picky cat that is excessivly picky as a kidney cat. So what do I do to control these numbers? The SD that she likes is actually the least phos of all the foods she likes (wellness and evo) so I dont see how that is causing the increase in phos numbers.
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