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Yes she did check blood pressure and advised it was normal (other than the small elevation due to being in the clinic).

No urine sample. I checked and the last one done was 2009 - so i'm not sure why this is not being tested. I can ask when she calls with teh results today.

She has had 2 solid meals now (about half of a small can of fancy feast). Also was given 1/4 tablets of Pepcid AC, and she's had 2 now. Perhaps that is helping ease her tummy.

She is just acting odd. She is standing by the front door alot, yelling at us for not letting her out. Not terribly odd considering she went out for the first time this year on the weekend - so she just wants to go back out. The house is quite hot right now, about 26 with the afternoon sun. So we've been catching her downstairs on a chair she never sits on. Not sure if hte heat is doing this. Normally she sleeps all day on a chair with a heating blanket under her as she likes the heat. She is still quite restless but yesterday she did sleep most of the day, which is a big departure from the last few days - but then by dinner and the rest of hte night she was awake.

We are going away for the next two weekends and my mom has offered to take her so we know she's getting food offered and her calsitrol. The others will stay at home with dry food.

I'll let you know when the vet calls today.
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