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Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
I am staying home today in the hopes that we can get in with the vet.

I bought 4 cans of fancy feast, of which all day yesterday she managed to eat half a can (they are the really small cans). this morning she didn't want her regular SD so again, i opened up a can of the fancy feast(seafeood) and she is gobbling it. she got about 1/2 of a can done.

i do feed the remaining food to the others, they just have usually finished their own by the time kidney cat is done. could you put the warmed (with water etc) food back in the fridge after? or would you throw it out?

thanks for all your help
Yes you put canned with water added, or warmed in the sink back in the fridge to try again later, if microwaved I'd probably toss it .

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
Sorry, to answer your other question she wont eat when i stop. she just wants something - to be honest it might be to just go outside. she loves outside and we sit on the patio with her on her leash. she loves it out there. normally though, she just sleeps all day and doesn't care what goes on around the house. she's not really sleeping at all, which is very odd for her. she is sleeping in bed with us during hte night though - which is typical for her. just normally she sleeps all day as well.
Is she meowing more than normal? In particular any yowling?

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
Just got back from teh vet. She is wondering if she is hyperthyroid as well. It would explain the not wanting to settle down and the lack of appetite as well. She pulled blood to check her kidneys and hte thyroid. So we'll see. Not consitpated and has actually gained a wee bit of weight since last exam.
Nice that you could get her in so quick

Did the vet check her blood pressure? Hypertension can also cause restlessness

Hyperthyroid is a possibility, usually the cats are ravenously hungry and loosing weight, but each cat is different and there are always exceptions. The restlessness and wandering around also fits w/hyperT

Little bit of weight gain is good I say for kidney cats, far more common for them to loose too much weight than it is for them to gain even a little.

for good blood results, did the vet take a urine sample for testing?
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