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My beautiful husky passed away 9th july 2011

Hi i dont know if you will see this message or even come on the site anymore,I came across your message when i was searching for information on death by anesthesic..My beautiful husky Kiera went for an xray..she came out of tghe anesthesic on the thurs..was fine on the friday and then on the sat morning let of this scary scream..i ran over to her thinking she was having a nightmare but she kept doing it ..and then she stopped breathing and was gone..I cant seem to accept she was gone just like that..she had been having an xray due to what was thought to be mammary cancer which had only surfaced two weeks prior..i was worried about her going under and not waking up..i was so relief when we picked her up and now our world as been crushed..the canny thing about this is that our Kiera is the spitting image of Taz except for the snow nose and she had 2 blue eyes...she was also born in 2004..she is the same colour ,markings ect..I keep searching online looking for answers ect ..Cant believe our beatiful girl as gone .I just wondered if you do see this whether you found out anymore.

Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
On sunday Feb 26 I had my world stop for no reason & I'm wondering how common other people find themselves in the same place I was. I did what I was supposed to do - I rushed my beloved Siberian Husky - Taz to the vet for something that happens around me all the time - he'd been for a run in the county with his dad & had found a porcupine - should be simple & easy & except for him being sore for a few days wasn't supposed to make my world stop! My dog was taken too the local vet with quill's from a porcupine - he went in, was given a shot to calm down & 15 minutes later was knocked out - while under he started to come around & was given another one & then was given gas - I was assured this was normal. Afterward he was given a shot of valium & penicillin & was then sent home. 3 hours later he let out a soft cry, threw his head & stopped breathing. We rushed him back to the vet & were giving him mouth to mouth but were unable to save him. They told us that it could have been a blood clot caused by the medication used to knock him out & that it was actually a common thing to happen.

Does anyone else know of this???
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