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Smile New here

I found this forum well I was trying to figure out what is wrong with my cat. Been reading for a couple days now and decided to join. I have learned quite a bit that I never knew about cats and she is not my first ever cat LOL

I live in Edmonton Alberta and am the proud owner of one crazy cat, but she is my crazy cat and I love her.

My cats name is Siren she will be the big 3 on August 12, she is a torti. My dog well ok my boyfriends dog LOL) Duke turned 17 on April 1 He is a Smooth Fox Terrier.

Siren is a complete nut case to put it nicely lol. She is actually a kitten from my ex's cat. She passed away a week after the birth. I took the kittens and between me and a great vet we kept them all alive. I found homes for all of them, but little Siren did not make it in the other home and they asked me to take her back. She is very unpredictable and will attack for no apparent reason. I have to lock her in a room whenever people some to my house LOL

Duke is the greatest pup. 17 and he still chases his ball and goes all crazy when there is water outside but lord he hates the real bath thing lol. He has 3 beds throughout the house so he can sleep whenever the mood strikes.

So that's about me, glad to be here and learn even more
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