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HOT weather Recipes!

What are your fave things for hot days. Here I think it's even to hot to crank up the barbeque, although I don't have a tank right now so that's out. too broke to get one.

I like the old standbys, macaroni salad, couscous salad, think I'll make some for today. Potato salad. I have fresh green beans to blanche. Devilled eggs..should make some of those. I made a fajita/taco salad last night for dinner, might just cook up some more ground chicky and make another one, it was really good.

Got some really nice leaf lettuce and made a very simple dressing, you take brown sugar and apple cider vinegar and that's it. You can make it as sweet or tangy as you want. Got some teeny potatoes for salad, they won't take long to cook.

Anybody else got hot weather faves?
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