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Just an update on how Sam's doing. He is still eating a very small amount of SO but seems to wait for his canned food. However, he is eating a variety of canned foods. I usually put out 4 different foods for them the FF for Bailey, Innova Senior for whoever wants to eat it, Sam's RC Medical Lo Protein for Sam, and usually a can of Grammy's Pot Pie hoping Smokey will eat it. It appears that Bailey and Tiger like the Lo Protein food also and I usually have to grab it to prevent them from eating it. Sam will start with his Lo Protein and work his way from dish to dish snacking on everything I have out. One night I had FF chicken out and Smokey dove into it, the only canned food he's tried since he swore off the Grammys. He still won't touch the Grammys but I decided canned food of any kind is good for him so I've given him a can of FF chicken every night and he's eaten it. He's still very thin (have to take him in I know), but I'm hoping he starts to gain a little now that he's eating the FF. Everyone except Smokey is eating some Grammys so it's not going to waste. As for dry food for the rest of them, none of them will eat the Innova dry or the Wellness dry now, so I guess I'll be trying something else. They will all eat the SO, until it is finished, I am going to continue to give it to them but I also wonder because of their ages is they may have some bladder crystals as well but they have not shown any symptoms yet..

To get back to Sam, the Fortekor is still a no-go, he continues to spit it back every time I try to give it to him. I'm no longer trying on weekends in case he does react to it, if I manage to get it down. He has perfected his spitting skills and now the Fortekor goes much farther than it used to when he spits it out and I've had trouble finding it. : However he is eating more of the Lo Protein which I think may be counteracting the SO he gets so until I find something he will eat that is low phosphorus, I'll continue to give it to him.

He is doing better than he was and is cuddly and lively as he was before he got sick this time. He is still taking his Buscopan some nights, asking for it as he started doing a few weeks ago.
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