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Andie, Dante and Mitsu

Hi! I just thought I would introduce myself quickly... I'm Andie. In April 2008, I rescued a cat from our Humane Society, and I called her Mitsu. She's an independant, cuddly when she wants grey tabby who's about 4 years old. In October 2008, I was diagnosed with severe depression, and the benefits of zootherapy are simply constant.

In September 2010, my boyfriend said to me he wanted a dog. I said no, simply due to the poop to be picked up, and the emotional demands a dog create. I felt I had nothing left to give to a dog. We went and visited with Dante, a shepherd-lab mix, and we brought him home. The lady who gave him to us said she took him from a home where he was mistreated, and she did not want to see him go to the pound. I had never had a dog before, and was a little worried it might not work. We brought Dante home that day, bought him the necessary accessories (bowls, bed, etc) and we found out quickly enough he had issues. The main one was separation anxiety (with me mostly) and constant whining for no apparent reason. Another problem, is that he is velcro to me. He does not leave my side when we are inside the house, and 50% of the time, I let him do it. A third issue, eating out of the garbage can while we are gone, or (Like last tuesday night) eating a whole cooked chicken that was left on the stove. Yes yes,I know what you are thinking... why did you leave it there so that the temptation is impossible to resist! He is a super high energy dog who needs his walk and daily play at the park. He also LOVES other dogs, it's fortunate we live in a neighborhood where there are about 10 to 12 dogs that come to the park in front of our house to play.

I believe he has come a long way since we adopted him (he used to cower, never used to hold his own at the park when another dog bugged him, had no confidence), but there is still a lot of work to do. I admit, I love my dog. My boyfriend does not. Somehow, he hoped he would get a perfect dog... I get so overwhelmed with the issues regarding our dog, that I don't know what to do anymore... I want him to be happy, confident, and behave good. I am certain he can, I just don't think I am the right human for him.
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