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Urea ref is 5.0-12.0 (she is 17.6)
Creatine ref is 71-203 (she is 298)
Phosphorus ref is 1.00-2.4 (she is 1.17)

These were done in April of this year. kidney kitty is now not eating, it's been about 3 meals that she has only eaten maybe a teaspoon of food. We try all 4 each time and she takes a nibble from each one and that's it. I wonder if we should be taking her to the vet? Would it be worthwhile to get her bloodwork done again? Is there anything they can do for her? She is also quite restless, prior behavior is to sleep all day - now she walks around the house, mostly following us. No other symptoms though (weak legs, vomiting, etc). she has done this no eating before, and we've gone through a few times a month prior of her doing this - but it's been half a year since she's done this. And before her other behavior didn't change, she'd still sleep all day and not follow us around. She just seems to keep looking for something.

Do you know if microwaved food can be put back in the fridge to be used again? trying all 4 foods every meal leaves alot leftover. is it best to throw it away?
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