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Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
So I assume all the other foods we're considering (wellness, evo and SD) are a risk for fat cat and her allergies? I'm really hoping we can get her on the same food and her allergy was more related to the dry (she was on the weight control prescription when she got sick, I think it was O/M?) This is when she was switched to z/d, but admittly, she gained weight as well. Prior to this, she had lost a pound on the o/m (from 13 to 12lbs) and she was on it for a year and a half with no issues. I kinda think there was some other stresser that caused her illness. She was acting very skiddish with everything, hiding under the bed etc - which is not her regular behaviour. She is normally the outgoing one.
Hard to say considering we don't know what it was she reacted to. If she has no ill reaction to the C&T she ate or the z/d or NB, then expanding her choices slowly would be a start.

Sometimes tummy upset can be caused by a "bad" batch of food - close to expiry date or not properly cooked etc. As well as a new formula, slight change in ingredient volume, incorrect nutrient additive amounts, new source for ingredients etc. Then when the tests come back fine just the pancreas shows slightly inflammed, the cat is given hypoallergenic food & all is fine ~ it's then assumed the cat has pancreatitis & must be on this food for life. While this may be true in some cases, sometimes they just needed a little more time to adjust & overcome the inflammation.

Acting skiddish/hiding when not normal behaviour could've just been her displaying discomfort. Subtle personality changes can often indicate there is a medical issue or emotional stress.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
She eats about 1/4 of a can, twice a day. Sometimes a bit mroe, sometimes less. I believe the recommendation is a can or a can and a half a day. She has never eaten this much (at least not for hte last 5 years).
If kidney cat is eating dryfood as well that needs to be considered into the daily intake amounts, as does activity/metabolism level. Some cats are just small eaters, my mum's cat doesn't eat very much & maintains a healthy weight.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
Valid point. Oddly enough, she did not want the wellness turkey last night, or but ate the evo c&t. Then this morning wouldn't eat the evo at all (not even sniffed it) but i opened another new one, the wellness beef and chicken and she gobbled it up without breathing. She seems to want just different food - she'll be done with this beef one by tomorrow i'm sure. So perhaps I hsould just open a different food each time i'm done a can. Would I run the risk of tummy upset if I do this? Or now that she's tried them all I should be ok? I'm thinking i'll do the SD seafood, Evo C&T, Wellness Turkey, Wellness Beef in the rotation and just maybe every few cans switch it up (for all 3 kitties). Let me know your thoughts on that plan.
Cats usually have pretty strong stomachs and do well with flavour switching. When my kidney cat was on canned she would get a different flavour each day, I used to buy Wellness 12 oz by the case containing the 3 different flavours that she liked/low phos. Some members here do each meal different a flavour/brand, some each day something different.

Sounds good I know the Wellness & Evo come in the 12oz cans so that can save you a bit, canned food can be refrigerated up to 3-4 days or frozen.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
For a cat that rarely eats half of the recommended food intake I really don't understand how she is overweight. I really think that something else is wrong with her but the vet assures me that its probably just her activity level. Granted she is older but she does play here and there but I just dont see the amout of food she's actually eating causing this much overweightness.
Calories and carbohydrates/sugars contribute a lot to that. It also can be difficult for a cat to safely lose excess weight while still on a dry food diet.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
Score! Caught no teeth kitty drinking last night!

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
I think I might look into some of those "pet sitters" to see if I can find a good one. PRobalby is they need to give kidney kitty teh calitrol. I might just try to bring her to my mom's so I know she's eating getting her drugs then leave the other 3 with dry for the few days.
Some will give meds & some won't, if you can talk to people & get recommendations that's best. The vets office/pet food supply store might know a reliable pet sitter aside from their own staff of course.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
Totally agree. If I had my way she wouldn't like this one. BUT, she does go back to this one most times (and when she's done a few feedings of any other new food she decides she's done with it). And its not bad on pho, or protein.
Since she's consistant with it, I'd keep it in the rotation.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
I will check on this tonight. i've had so many new cans in my pantry that I can't be positive! I know it says 95% on it though!
Most likely the right one then, if not you can always feed it to the others.

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
I got the vet to fax me kidney kitties results so I could figure out where she sits.

From April 2010
Urea 12.8
Creatine 343
Phos 1.96

Last bloodwork from April 2011
Urea 17.6
Creatie 298
Phos 1.17

So she has gone down in the year she's been on calsitrol (other than the urea - which admittly, i'm not sure what that means). So she is in Stage 3 according to the links you provided.
Do you have the reference ranges for those numbers? Not all vets/labs have the same machines and or they are calibrated slightly different, so one needs the ref ranges to compare accurately.

Good drop on the Crea & Phos The Urea increase is not too bad considering that's a year between tests.

Urea is aka BUN Blood urea nitrogen, the measure of urea nitrogen in the blood on it's way to the kidneys for elimination in urine.

When protein is digested the resulting ammonia (a nitrogenous waste product) is absorbed into the gut, and then converted by the liver into urea. The urea nitrogen travels through the blood stream from the liver to the kidneys, where the kidneys filter it out of the blood & excreted it into the urine. That's where the strong ammonia smell of cat pee comes from, especially with a cat that has a high USG.

Urea levels are subject to fluctuations due to food, stress, urinary blockages and water intake - a dehydrated cat will have a higher urea level.

Was there a urinalysis done as well? Do you have the Urine Specific Gravity (USG) and the urine protein values?

Originally Posted by mandyedwards View Post
Again, thanks for your help!!
You are most welcome
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