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The average general guidelines for daily maintenance dosing are about 80-120mg Omega 3 per 10lbs body weight depending whose advice you take.

Our 8 lb Chihuahua gets 1-300mg capsule over 3 days. I imagine your little guy would take one capsule per week. If you make the piercing in the capsule quite small the drops that come out are small too, so it would be easy to spread the capsule out over a week. Try to feed an even number of drops per day, but you don't have to be perfect.

I use the Jaimeson Wild Salmon Oil capsules made for humans. They go on sale at London Drugs every once in awhile for 40% off so I stock up, and find them to be quite reasonably priced this way. I pierce the capsule with the point of a knife (split it a bit), and I store the open capsule in the fridge. Each capsule has 300mg Omega 3 (180mg EPA, 120mg DHA).
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