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Sorry, one more thing. Any thoughts on the SD seafood that the CRF kitty was on? It's lower in pho and protein (0.65 pho, 35.10 protein, 0.4 sodium) so i'm wondering if it's a better choice than the wellness? Or is the wellness better due to the better ingredients?

Also bought a can of the Evo Chicken and Turkey - comparison numbers with the wellness turkey are:

evo - 0.88 pho, 40.68 protein, 0.46 sodium
Wellness - 1.05 pho, 46.33 protein, 0.30 sodium

So in comparision, maybe kidney kitty should be on the evo (assuming she likes it, as I haven't given it to her yet). but are the increased sodium numbers more of a concern than the decrease in pho and protein (although the SD seafood she's been on has 0.40 sodium)? If she liked both equally which should I choose?

Would one be better for fat/hypoallegic kitty than the other (or both a risk due to similar ingredients)? Or am I stuck feeding her the one different food from the other 3?

Thanks for all your help.

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