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wow. that's alot of information! Thanks for that.

we will definately look into finding a canned food that they'll eat. fat cat does nto like canned food - perhaps that is why she is fat. and we've struggled with that. She only gets the prescribed amount of food, supervised, twice a day. no access to any other food. it has been that way for years (but the food has changed). and we have no idea why she is overweight. none of the other cats are overweight. now i'm wondering if it is because she wont eat canned. the only other cat on kibble is the 3 yr old who is terribly active given her age. interesting. and i'm not sure what food to put her on (canned) since her pancreatis - which addmittly, they dont know what caused it, just hta she was in alot of pain, not eating at all and had every test under hte sun done on her to find nothing. so they said when they find nothing then pancreatis is diagnosed. So i have no clue what she shouldn't eat. I'd love it if I could feed the the same as the others (wellness turkey? or something kidney cat can eat). thoughts on that?

to answer your other questions, we have started elevating kidney cats food dish - did this after i read that in this forum. she ate very well for her before bed snack of wellness turkey. not so great this morning but might have been full from last night. still doesn't want anything to do with the fountain. but on the plus side, fat cat loves the fountain and since she's on kibble it's probably a really good thing.

no one can come into our house unfortuatley. boht my parents are about 40 mins away from us (in opposite directions) so it's a bit much to ask for them to stop by twice a day. we are in a new neighbour hood so we dont have any neighbors yet. this would be our perfect solution though. is there any automatic timer dishes for soft food? it'd be hard cause i need to feed 4 cats with it (do i get 4 feeders?) but might be worth a shot.

ultimately, i just wnat the process to be hopefully easier (switching all to canned is not a big inconvenice and one i'm willing to deal with anyway) but i'd like to hopefully have them not on 4 different foods. that's the hard part right now.
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