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1) I feed Orijen kibble, but I also feed Before Grain canned and Urban Carnivore frozen raw foods. I also add Tripett tripe, yogurt, and most importantly fish oil. The canned food is for the Chihuahua because he gets dehydrated from not drinking enough on his own, so he actually gets very little kibble.

2) Turkey is fine for dogs.

Try adding fish oil to your dog's diet. Pick something in a glass bottle (not plastic) that asks to be refrigerated once opened or capsules which don't need refrigeration. Fish oil is high in Omega 3 (please Google benefits, I'm cramped for time) and is also good for skin and coat. It is highly digestible for dogs compared to plant-based oils.

I agree with Loki, if Acana is working stick with it, just try adding the fish oil.
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