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Thanks totallyhip! I will pick up the screws tomorrow so that it is secured properly. The packaging for the kennel says you can also use cable ties, but best not to take chances. I admittedly had not thought of this though.

She can freely walk in and out of the kennel. I have been tossing treats in there the past week to show her it is a friendly place because she hasn't been kenneled for a while. She has walked in there a few times on her own. I have closed the door on her in there too, she is not too big for the kennel at all, at least IMO.

Those were my thoughts on the water issue too, its just a little bowl that clips on there. I mean I guess it'd become a problem if the dog managed to knock the bowl to the back of the kennel or something, I don't know.

We are just flying Halifax to St. John's. It is typically just over an hour flight, and I choose the later evening flight as it would hopefully be cooler. She will be boarded the night before because of where I am staying in the area, but that does usually beat her out. I'm hoping I can get a good long walk in with her before then, still. I've spoken to my vet as well about sedation because she is high strung in some situations and with her age I want her to be as comfortable as possible. The vet said it was just fine to give her a half Gravol for the flight.
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