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I fly all the time with Westjet & Alaska. Never have I heard of a funnel on the outside that hooks up. Honestly I put a water dish on the front of the door. If someone wanted to add more water they can do it right thru the cage door.

They don't accept any crates that have handles (at least not for large dogs) small ones are ok or don't have metal screws on them. But recently we did ship a crate that had a handle on the top like yours. I think the little screws can go underneath in between the clips on the side.

She has to fit perfectly in it. If she is too big for the crate they will not fly her. If the crate is too big for her she will flop around in it and they will not fly her. Here is a link guideline of what she should look like inside.

My tip is to make sure she is good and tired before the flight. Freeze her water dish the night before so that all the water doesn't spill out when they move the crate around. This way she can sip water throughout the course of her trip.

Where you going to? from?

Depending on where your flying you might need paperwork for her. AC is more "particular". Westjet is more forgiving. But yes we have flown AC several times and if I can avoid it I do. WJ is cheaper too!

Good luck
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