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Westjet-approved travel kennels

A question for anyone who has flown on this airline recently, as to kennel restrictions. Their website states the following:

Only airline-approved, well-ventilated, secure, hard-sided kennels with the wheels removed will be accepted.
Kennels must be leak-proof, and be lined with absorbent material, like a towel. Material, such as straw, grass or hay, will not be accepted.
Secure the kennel with the device originally intended by the manufacturer, but do not lock the gate.
Kennel must be marked with "LIVE ANIMAL" and directional "this way up" arrows on two sides and should be marked with your pet's name.
For safety, we cannot allow kennels that:
are made of welded or wire mesh
are collapsible
have a plastic door.
Your pet must be able to stand, lie down and turn around in the kennel.

I ask because there seems to be some inconsistency with this stuff, and my dog is booked on the same (one hour) flight as myself-I don't want to do anything to screw that up.

I have a Dogit brand kennel that looks exactly like this:

It is the XL model with dimensions of 26.9x18.7x17 . It has a small dish with it that can be hooked onto the inside of the door for water etc and claims to be airline approved.

In speaking with a boarder today, I was told that kennels have been turned away because they don't have a funnel on the outside for the handlers to get the water in there

And while she can stand up, move around, lay down etc in there, Air Canada told me once years ago, that the dog has to have a half foot clearance above their head? AC almost didn't let me travel with her that time (this was another kennel that I can't recall the dimensions of)

She is 12 pounds but all legs, a large kennel would likely have her bouncing around in it.

All experiences welcome.
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