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Thanks so much for the response!!

To be honest, I was hoping to switch all to kibble (other than kidney kitty) just for ease of leaving the food out. We tend to go away for hte weekend here and there and currently with our feeding schedule, we have to have 2 cats stay with my mom and 2 with my dad (stressful for them). Mainly because you can't leave soft food out for them. What are hte benefits to the canned? I know the water content, but is there others? Is there any other solution for going away if they are all on canned? Another consideration for us is the cost of course. Hard to hide the fact of how many cans we go through with all 4 being on canned. Do any of these come in big cans?

We are not sure what fat kitty is allergic to, she just stopped eating bout 5 months ago (odd for her, she's fat!) and so we took her in. They did xrays, ultrasounds etc to rule everything else out and then diagnosed pancreatis and suggested hypoallergic food. We bought her some NB green pea and duck kibble and she loved that last night. Not sure if this was the right move. She doesn't like canned but I certianly could try some of the techniques to persaude her more. she did try the z/d canned and wanted nothing to do with it. but this was also during when she was not feelign well, so that might have something to do with it. it is hte z/d kibble she is on right now (other than us trying the nb duck/green pea last night kibble)

No teeth kitty will eat anything, she's not picky. So she's not an issue. She was on the NB green pea (its actually venison, I checked last night) just because of her gums but now that her teeth are out the vet said she can eat anything. she loves canned.

Kidney kitty tryed a bit of the wellness turkey and so far loves it. She's bad for loving a new food for a few feedings though and then deciding she's done with it. so we'll see how that goes. being turkey i'm sckeptical. she always seems good on teh sd seafood, but its because she consistantly will eat at least a quarter of a can at a time. until she goes through a not eating phase, which shes in. Just a note but we put a bit of the wellness turkey on top of her sd seafood this morning and she vomited it up. Not sure if it was the wellness being different on her belly or if it was jsut becuase she's vomited a few times this week. hopefully she's working on furball and it's unrelated.

As a side note, bought a cat it water fountain last night. fat kitty loves it and decided she needed to guard it and sleep by it last night. healthy kitty thought it was atoy and there for her amusement. kidney kitty seemed not interested in it (other than the noise was apparently disturbing her). The plug seemed to get quite hot after a few hours of having it on. i'm hoping its not an issue to leave it runnign as that was kinda the point of hte thing.
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