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help with food!


Wow, what a great forum!!

Here's my dilemna. I have 4 cats.

one kidney kitty - 14 years old, 6lbs, very picky and mind of her own - eats science diet seafood

one fat kitty - needs hypoallergic food due to pancreatis, 9 years - eats the k/d brand but hypoallergic (not sure the letters?) kibble, she will not eat cans

one kitty with no teeth - well had them pulled in different stages due to rare gum disease, 7 years - eats natural balance green pea and duck cans (mainly becuase she was on hypoallergic with her gum disease but now that we've pulled the teeth its not as much an issue)

one kitty with no problems - 3 years, eats chicken soup kibble

so, they all have seperate foods, all get fed in seperate bedrooms. Its a wee bit high maintence, especially for when we go away and we have "helpers"

So, kidney cat is my main concern. She gets fed 3 times a day (we found the extra feeding before bed was useful to maintain the 6lbs), and takes 0.45 calitrol once a day. She only likes science diet seafood (looks like its not bad in pho at 0.65) and the vet said that was ok given how picky she is. Now, she only likes it warmed up, with a few k/d kibbles on top (and we must put it in a pile after she eats a bit as she doesnt' like putting her nose in the bowl!). Yes, picky. Well, she goes through spurts every other week of "I dont want to eat, but I will puke instead". So i'm wondering if I should change her food to something better for her. It seems the science diet is better than the wellness for the pho rating, but i realize it's more crap food. I have bought some wellness turkey to see if she'll eat it.

Now, my question is, for the other 3, is there any kidney failure food that is hypoallergic? That way I can leave some kibbles out and not worry about the kidney cat having an issue if she actually decides she wants a few pieces? The other issue is NO Teeth kitty, as of course, she has no teeth (not that any of them actually chew their food - but she currently is on soft). So i'm not sure if there is a solution that is less hetic at feeding time for us, given all the cats seem to have one issue or another. Then getting them all to like the same food is another story.

Thoughts? Crazy cat lady? I think so.
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