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Thanks all! Slim is a really sweet boy. He just thrives on the attention and loves to play both with his toys, and with our monster. He will be a happy little addition

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
The look that Slim is giving Nookie in the last pic of the second post just cracks me up, Rgeurts!

Glad they hit it off so well--and that Slim has a couple of s to take him in! It's sad to see our parents slowing down, but it's so good of you to help out.
That pic cracks me up too
We are more than happy to take him once Thorin is done with his chemo. I have always adored Slim. He is a little cuddle bug. I swear he thinks he's part cat... when you pet him, he will rub up against you like a kitty

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I'm so happy they get on so well together. What a little cutie Slim is .

Rgeurts, I know you know this cant be an easy decision for your dad to make. I love you for being there for both him and Slim .
It's not easy for him at all. He can't play with Slim as much as he used to, but I think he would be more than happy to keep Slim if it weren't for my sister and her hubby. They have 2 ****zus (they lost the 3rd last month) and they don't care for Slim at all, so they're pressuring him to find Slim another home. But he told me he will only give him up if Shaun and I take him. He won't give him to anyone else (thank goodness! You never know who may end up with him!!). He will be a lot of fun to have around

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Robyn,I missed the part where you tell us about your dad,I am really sorry.
Sometimes a much loved pet is a reason for elderly owners to get up in the morning,a reason for them to pull them selves up and do their best.
I've seen it and although Slim might not get all the exersize he needs he is with the person he loves.
Your dad obviously knows you are wonderful pet-owners and when the time comes that he cannot cope with Slim,he can feel good about where he's going.
Chico, no need to apologize!! And I agree. I think sometimes that Slim is what keeps my dad up and around as much as he is. He will walk Slim at least a mile a day, which is good for someone his age!! He still plays fetch with him, but I know he's getting tired very easy these days. And yes, he knows that we will love Slim as much as he does, and take care of him medically when things start to happen. He's a senior, so it's inevitable
He also has full visitation rights
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