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Thanks all! We couldn't be happier! He sure has come a long way
He's such a happy, playful little boy. He's definitely making up for all the puppy time he lost!

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
I love the permanently furrowed brow. LOL. Lovely photo's and that head shot is just wonderful. Good to see him looking so well.
LOL ya, the furrowed brow... I have SO many people say "What a beautiful Akita!" or "Is he a pure bred Akita?"!!!

I had an Akita many years ago. At first I thought "Wow... Akita?!?". To me, he doesn't look Akita at all, except the wrinkled forehead. But then, I looked up pictures and found a red Akita that looks very similar to Nookie! I would still know he's a Mal, just because I know the breed, but to someone who doesn't, I could see how they might make that mistake

I still laugh at his stubby little legs. He has the body of a Giant Mal and the stubby little legs of a Basset hound
But he's still beautiful to us

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Who would have thought . He is looking bright and healthy , Rgeurts. You and your dh rock!!
I know!! He's been doing very well. He still has some issues, but we are managing them pretty well so far
It's you and our vets that rock!! We just do what they tell us, and we have them because of you

Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
What great pics. Nookie sure does look healthy! What smoochie looking face, really I just want to hug him. I hope he stays well.
I adore his sweet little face
He's wonderful to hug, like a giant stuffie
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