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Nail Fungus in a Cat

Hi mikischo.
Chris had a biopsy done on his left dew Claw in May. Since then this condition has spread to 6 front toes and one nail on his back foot. He's NEVER had anything on his face, ears. It was pure fate that i looked at his left dew claw one day. I thought it was just dried soil stuck on his nail and when he gave a little cry of pain i looked closer and that's when i saw the swollen nail bed and pus.
The lady in Cedar Grove here in Belfast who he was referred to (Mrs Pat Hart....who is wonderful in her manner not just with Chris but with me as his worried owner, cant praise her enough) took slides of the pus coming from his nails. She explained to me on the phone that he's got alot of bacterial infection going on. Her guts are telling her that it is Pemphigus Foliaceus, but to also treat him for a fungal infection as some can look similar to the PF. There was just a complication that she heard a mumor. He's since had a heart scan and thank God that was ruled out!! He started steroids (sorry some name beginning with P...cant quite recall it) on Wed past there and I have to say his nails look to be getting better already. I know it sounds silly but Chris always had a wee habit of when he jumped onto my bed he would prod on his own wee pillow for ages and when this condition, whatever it is really spread he stopped doing it. Well on Sat there he was back to his normal routine. I cant say how happy i was to see that, perhaps this is a sign that we've got this condition nipped and hopefully the steroids can be reduced in strength.
Chris is my wee son and can't bear the thought of him having something wrong, so i'm obviously doing everything i can to get him back to full health. He's still only a kitten in my eyes (even though he's 9) but to me that's still young.... my sisters cat has recently just celebrated his 23rd Birthday!!!
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