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Soloxine - Thyroid Med

Hi, My 10 yrs old chessie has been on Soloxine for approx. 5 yrs. now. Last year his dosage was increased from .3mg. twice a day to .6mg. twice a day.
Just took him to the vet for blood work to check thyroid and when weighed, went from 102 lbs. 4 mos. ago to 82 lbs.(he is a vary large chessie and not over-weight even at 102 lbs.) He is also drinks a lot of water. I am taking him in to the vet tomorrow for full blood work. I was wondering if the increase in dosage could cause such a weight loss? Has any one had a similiar problem with thyroid meds? His eats all his food, so its not a matter of not eating.
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