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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
That's the good thing about Tanya's food table I mentioned above, Helen did not take the min/max values from the web sites, instead contacted each company directly for each food listed on the table & worked out the conversion.

Some of the Fancy Feast varieties are fairly low phos (listed on the above table) so if Sam refuses to eat what you've got for him & are already feeding Bailey FF & Sam wants it too then if it's the lower range ones it's not so bad.

With all cats sometimes you get to a point where you just feed them what they will eat because even the healthiest food in the world will do no good to a cat that refuses to eat it.

A 1/3 cup is not too bad, hopefully won't be too strenuous to attempt to change it

As for Smokey, have you tried elevating his dish? Changing the protein source? Grain free? Tried home cooked or raw?
Keep offering the different canned foods there may be something in there he will go for.

As long as Tiger will eat anything you won't be wasting food the others refuse
Yes I know she mentions some of the Fancy Feast varieties but she also says they have redone the ingredients last year and upped the amount of phosphorus in them so I'll look for the ones with the lowest phosphorus in them for Bailey and if necessary give it to Sam. He is chowing down on the Innova right now as well as about 1/8 of a can of prescription food a day. He seems to like it but it also seems to fill him up so he's eating the Innova too. I've started leaving the canned out for a few hours before I pick it up and they have been eating it.

As for Smokey he pigs out on any food he finds around, human or cat or dog. That's why it is hard to get him to only eat one food and now he refuses to eat any canned even though I have a variety out for them. He has been barfing again the last couple of days but he also had some human food that was left out by mistake so hard to tell what it's from. I do need to take him for an Xray...that's the next step in his diagnosis. Have been putting it off because he seemed to be holding his weight steady, but now appears to be losing again.

Thanks for your information it has been great
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