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I don't mind the Go! ingredient lists, although the meat content isn't as much as one would like for a dog, and the oils in it are not very digestible for dogs (canola, flax, coconut). It's much better than some other brands though! The ingredient lists are much different from each other, hopefully that will help you out.

I see they just added Go! Natural Duck to I'm going to go check out what they have to say! Plus Orijen changed their ingredients a bit about 6 months ago, and that information is up there now too.

If Go! doesn't work for you, try a different brand. As I said earlier I am partial to Orijen which is Canadian made in Alberta and is grain-free. Orijen also has higher quality ingredients than Go! I have been using it for several years now after spending 2-3 years trying to find that perfect food. I tried most of the top quality kibble before settling with Orijen, and it has worked really well for me and a couple friends with 5 different dogs. The difference in our Chihuahua was astounding. Here's the ingredient list of their adult formula (they have red meat and 6-fish formulas too):

Fresh boneless chicken*, chicken
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