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Originally Posted by Kattaclysm View Post
I must admit I wept a little when I saw this website. My best friend Greymalkin was diagnosed with CRF 2 months ago and I'm in the thick of things testing different foods to see what he will and will not eat.
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but you've found the right place for support & info

Originally Posted by Kattaclysm View Post
I've sat up with him at night pleading that he would atleast finish a 1/2 a mini can of K/d... this whole thing is heroing.
Ah clever kitty he knows that k/d isn't very tasty Just 4 posts up you will find a short list of lower phosphorus foods to try and at the end of that post there is a link to a table listing a whole lotta foods in order of phos content.

If you have any questions or tips feel free to post them
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