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This is the sort of accommodation Dingoes need, 8 feet high fences, inclined inwards at the top. (Bit like trying to keep Basenjis confined.) Also,they need owners prepared to commit themselves to an animal for 20 years. Amazing they can live so long, isn't it? My red ACD is 15 in 9 days time, his brother got to over 16, but it may very well be that because dingoes are 'lean and mean' so to speak, carrying no excess weight, they live longer.
A similarity I see in some red ACDs is the obliquely set eye of the Dingo. The third photo shows, Flame, sister to my pair of reds. Different eye set to my pair. Also, Viv kept hers, when they were showing, in lighter condition than mine and must say they had the same fluid fast movement I've seen in dingoes. Hers could go up and down off her outdoor setting as easy as strolling on flat ground.
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