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Well,it was moms beer,part of my 2 beers a day,hubs said move the beer,but I thought it looked good there

Pattymac,we trained each cat from kittenhood,first with a harness and leash and then without.
The only cat jumping a fence was Chico,but he just went around the house to the frontdoor,no more though,at 14 he likes his safe backyard.
Vinnie is never a problem,I have a feeling he would not make it over the fence,he is kind of fluffy

Of course we are always with them,as retirees we are outside all day in the summer,I would never let them outside on their own,when we go inside so do they.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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