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Originally Posted by .unknown. View Post
She's on a duck and potato based food now and even after a week her coat seems way less out of control. It's still shedding quite a bit, but looks much less scruffy. I'm thinking when we get her re-tested that I will inquire about allergy tests, and see if that could let us in on the secret as to why she's so itchy and "sheddy".
Allergy tests aren't overly accurate. Personally, I wouldn't rely on them. Food allergies are easier to test for by yourself, more accurate, and much cheaper! Often it is not an allergy (itching, hot spots), but an intolerance (gas, diarrhea). Common allergies and intolerances include lamb, beef, chicken and eggs, soy, dairy products, wheat, corn. Pay attention to ingredients in dog food, and be sure each one you try is missing one of the commonly sensitive foods. Narrow it down until you figure it out. Give each food at least 3 weeks.
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