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Remember Nino? I remember Lorraine telling me that he really didn't like other cats and she was worried about him moving in with us! Well, he was pretty defensive for a while, but he really improved when I got him his calming collar and then I got one for Bobee as well and that really helped.

You know it sounds strange but our move, the first one, seemed to make a big change in him. I don't know what about it did but he's pretty much a normal kitty now. Him a nd Bobee still get into the odd arguement..I really wish he wouldn't scream though, still scares the you know what outta me!! It has the desired effect on Bobee though!

Now he's a real lover boy. Except I really don't need him wanting to molest me when it's 33 here!!

I think maybe if the owners don't make a big deal out of the odd spat they might have. Nino and Bobee can sound like they're killing each other, but Bayley usually intervenes. If Bobee is being a real snark, he has his moments where I think he thinks he has to rule the roost, I'll put him in the bathroom to cool his jets for a few minutes. It's really funny sometimes if Nino screams at him, I think he gets really upset and starts sneezing!!

It's funny too when Noella arrived, Nino took to her with no problem. She learned quickly not to bug him though. He's pretty fast with the smacks! Now though the last few nights since we moved to Medicine Hat and it really cools down at night..Nino and Noella have been chasing each other around! I thought AHA!! You little (big) sneak! He's sooo funny to watch play, I swear he gets embarrassed that he's doing it. I don't think he had much chance to play as a kitten.
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