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Thanks growler and L4H for the invaluable information..that is great info!

Growler his food dish is elevated and he doesn't always eat in the regular place. I often let him crouch down while he eats on the floor. The problem with feeding him on the floor is Raggs and the other cats think they can clean out his bowl before he does.

He eats about 1/3 cup at most of dry food a day and hasn't shown any signs of peeing or drinking more than he did. He does like his wet food as long as it;s one he likes. Sometimes he loves junk food too if I'm giving it to Bailey. She will only eat Fancy Feast, she refuses every other kind of wet food I've had in the house and in the last 6 months there have been a lot of different brands of food since I had to get Smokey onto something that didn't make him barf after every meal. Now Smokey won't eat any wet food and I haven't a clue why because he's now barfing after every meal again. The only cat I have that will eat anything I offer is Tiger and he will sample everything that's available at every sitting, both wet and dry. As you can see feeding this lot is a bit of a problem when 4 animals are on different special diets, and 1 will eat everything and anything.
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