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Originally Posted by .unknown. View Post
a significant increase in Creatine phosphokinase (CPK). The level he said was comparable to what was was seen in a human heart attack patient. She hasn't had any seizures or heart attacks(her heart rate was low-normal in checkup), nor any obvious trauma to her muscles. We are going to re-test in 3 weeks to check it out again and make sure that the exercise she got the morning of her appointment wasn't the cause of the elevation.
Do you have the CPK value and it's corresponding reference range from the test?

Were there any other signs that would lead the vet to think heart issues?

Aside from possible heart related issues:
CPK occurs in high levels in skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and brain tissue though only skeletal and cardiac muscle are of major significance. The enzyme is essential for the rapid conversion of ADP to ATP to release energy for muscle contraction.
CPK will also be significantly elevated with any trauma to the muscles from as minor an incident as the animal struggling during the blood draw to major trauma such as being hit by a car.

Any strenuous exercise, an intramuscular injection (rabies vaccine), surgery, missing the vein &/or a hard blood draw, simple muscle cramps, will show elevated CPK

Plasma CPK has a half life of about 2 hours before it's cleared from the system.
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