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Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
Thanks Growler for the links. I have been using the list at but so many of them are high in phosphorus it makes for a difficult choice. Especially since he is so fussy about what he eats. Last night I gave him Innova beef and barley stew wet with his low protein wet and he ate his usual 1/8 can of low protein and 3/4 can of Innova. So that was a hit and relatively low in phosphorus. I will go out and buy a couple of cans of the others you recommended and see if he will eat them. I noticed that Petsmart is now carrying By Nature organic wet food and it has a very good phosphorus content by the looks of things.
If Sam is content to eat a couple of different varieties that's great, some like variety, some are okay with the same flavour for a time before wanting something different. Occasionally you can slip back in a previously rejected food as something new later on

When looking at the phos content of the food on the table I linked above they are already converted into dry matter basis, so anything under 1.24% max is what you want to look for, keeping in mind any ingredients you want to stay away from and that some of the foods are marked as being supplemental only.

From Sam's blood work his blood phosphorus levels are okay now so it's not essential to keep to the dm% under 1% (always what the vets recommend) but as close to it or below is best long term.

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
Growler I forgot to mention that Sam weighs 21.4 lbs and should weigh about 17 lbs.
Ah okay, slow incremental weight loss is good then, if there is a sudden drop or he stops eating ~ time to pack him off to the vet.

Has he shown any symptoms yet? Increased drinking/peeing, lip licking, vomiting etc?

Do you have his food dish elevated? I found that raising the food/water dishes up between 2-6 inches helped tremendously especially with the food dish to keep the nausea at bay. Also easier on the older kitties necks not having to reach down so far to have a drink/bite of food.

Originally Posted by dbg10 View Post
He is not allowed to free feed and neither are the others. As I said he loves his Urinary SO and that is going to be the big challenge getting him to eat another dry food unless I can get him over to all wet. However, he's been eating dry for his entire life and can be very stubborn when it comes to changing foods.
How much dry food is he eating per day? That unfortunately is contributing to the dehydration level a bit.
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