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I hope its because of the exercise!

These are the signs/symptoms:
Unproductive coughing, especially during the night or first thing in the morning
Difficulty breathing; increased panting and puffing
General fatigue and lethargy
Exercise intolerance
Appetite and weight loss
Distended abdomen
Gray or bluish gums

It makes me worry because she does cough (not a lot), but I always thought it was to clear fur from her throat since she sheds so much... She is less energetic, and can't tolerate exercise at all. She sits down, lays down and pants earlier into exercise than she used to...

These of course, could all be due to her bones being sore, also... She doesn't faint, have a distended belly, she has gained weight and her appetite has always been weird and kind of dependent on her level of activity during the day.


I'm trying not to worry!
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