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Thanks Scottiedog and chico2.

Growler I forgot to mention that Sam weighs 21.4 lbs and should weigh about 17 lbs. He has had a problem with obesity for years and diets never seem to work with him. He was 24.1 lbs at his previous visit and so it is good that he has lost weight. He started gaining after we lost his brother a number of years ago and has maintained his excess weight for all that time no matter what or how much I fed him. Both my vet and I are happy to see him losing weight now unless he continues to lose beyond his target weight.

He is not allowed to free feed and neither are the others. As I said he loves his Urinary SO and that is going to be the big challenge getting him to eat another dry food unless I can get him over to all wet. However, he's been eating dry for his entire life and can be very stubborn when it comes to changing foods. Thanks for the information and links.
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