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Need to Take Weight Off my Dachshund

My mini dachshund cross needs to lose about 2lbs.

Currently eating Go! Salmon and Oatmeal. I had her on Acana etc before but wanted somethign with lower fat and that wouldn't give her runny poo.

In the morning she gets 1/4 c food along with 1 T Wellness 95% just to make it a bit less dry.

If I am going on walk or training in the evening I don't feed her another 1/4 c food, since the treats i use for training are enough.

I'm trying to find a lower cal training treat that is still going to be motivational. Currently use mostly Natural Balance Lamb/Turkey rolls...i've cut down my portion sizes to teeny tiny. I had been giving her larger pieces because when walking i could just throw it on ground and she could find it, otherwise i have to bend way down to put it in her mouth and can't keep the walking as fluid.

She also likes the dried liver. I try to cut them in 4ths. Chicken fillets are tolerated but not as incentivizing as the bologna rolls.

I COULD use a laser pointer to reward her but she gets so crazy about the laser pointer (it is like heroin to her) and i'm trying to train her to be LESS crazy when walking that I think it would be too much stimulation for her.

Any ideas? How long does it take a dachshund to lose weight anyway?
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